Can I use my Slipstreams with a Peloton?

So your Peloton bike was delivered and you're ready to choose your cycling shoes. Think Slipstreams aren't an option?

Keep reading for a quick guide on how to make these two a match made in indoor cycling heaven.

With the ability to stream studio-style classes from the comfort and safety of our homes, the Peloton Exercise bike has quickly become a favourite among avid indoor cyclists.

Now the question is - will my TIEM Slipstreams work with the Peloton?!

In short, yes! It will just take an extra step to change out the pedals.

The Peloton is delivered with pedals that are LOOK DELTA (3-holes) cleat compatible. Our Slipstreams only work with pedals that connect to an SPD cleat (2-holes). You can read more about cleat compatibility here.

Luckily, switching out the pedals on your Peloton is an option and it's not as intimidating as it may sound. We recommend the SHIMANO SPD Pedals. Or, if you're interested in finding a pedal that can accommodate both SPD and DELTA, a dual-sided pedal like this is another great option!

Peloton themselves recommend replacing the pedals regularly to avoid failures that can result from wear and tear. See Peloton's Replacing Your Pedals advice here.

To walk you through the installation process, we've borrowed the same video shared on the Peloton Guide site—check it out below!

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